Barber Training Curriculum

Barber Student Learning How to ShaveCurious what you learn in barber school? We have outlined the barber training curriculum below to help you understand what you will learn in your barbering training. Find out what barbers do and so what to expect when you go to school.

What classes will I take in barber school?

Obviously, the classes you take will vary based upon the school you select; however, certain areas of interest will be covered at any reputable barber school. Hair cutting and shaving for men’s hair and facial hair are focal points at a barber school. During these classes, you’ll learn how to properly shave men’s faces and how to cut, color, style and treat their hair. One portion of the curriculum will consist of chemical processes including bleaching, dyeing, lightening and relaxing. Safety and sanitation are covered at any school, as well. Even training regarding secondary services—i.e facials and scalp treatment—can be a part of your barber school education.

What other kinds of classes can I take at barber school?

Generally, barber students may also be required to take some training hours of safety and sanitation, anatomy and physiology, bacteriology and possibly pharmacology. Because barbering typically has very entrepreneurial people, some schools offer business management training to help you plan for opening and managing your own barber shop.

What books, supplies or tools do I need for barber school?

Each course varies in the resources you’ll need. For instance, some classes require you to have a barber textbook, while other classes require you to have your own barber student kit, which consists of items you need to do hair and shaves for men. Barber scissors and styling combs are just two examples of supplies that may come in your student kit. Some schools also require you to wear a certain style of clothing to school (all-black is common), or require you to wear a frock or apron in the student salon. Because the books, supplies and tools required depend on the school, you should always speak to the school and get a list of the things you need.

What’s the difference between barber school and cosmetology school?

While most states require cosmetologists and barbers to learn similar skills and techniques, and take a similar number of training hours, the biggest difference between the two is that barber school focuses primarily on men’s hair and facial hair. Both types of school should teach you safety and sanitation, as well as the skills needed to cut, color, trim and style hair. Also, in some states, only barbers can use a straight razor and perform shaves for men.

What skills will I learn in barber school?

You will learn a number of skills and techniques when you attend barber school. You should learn how to shape a person’s hair and the best way to cut hair based on different criteria of the customer. You’ll also develop the skill required to shave a man’s face properly, including traditional foam shaves and straight razor shaves. Shaving is both an art and a science! Other skills acquired during barber school include coloring hair, styling hair and creating permanent waves for men’s hair. You will also learn extensively about barber shop safety and sanitation, an essential component of doing your job successfully and safely. The skills you gain from barber school often  include business management, so if your career leads you to opening your own shop or becoming a manager at a salon, you’ll have the essential skills to be successful.

Does the barber school curriculum prepare me for the barber license exam?

Yes, a barber school program is designed to prepare you to take and pass your state barber license test that is provided by your state’s board of barbers. Most states have similar criteria for the barber exam, but if your state has special requirements to pass the exam, your school should be able to teach to those.

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