Cost of Barber School

The demand for highly skilled and dedicated barbers is on the rise. Barber school is a great option for equipping students desiring to enter the field. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the cost of barber school.

How much is barber school tuition?

Barber school costs vary from state to state as well as from area to area. Schools in bigger cities generally tend to cost more than those located in more rural or suburban areas. Additionally, barber schools that are extremely popular with high demand will likely come with a higher price tag. Community colleges tend to offer low prices for in-state students, whereas out-of-state community college students can expect to pay closer to the same cost as a Barber Learning Facial Hair Clippingprivate technical school. Sometimes whether a school is locally owned or part of a major chain can affect the price, as well. Many barber schools cost between $6,500 to $10,000 per year, but the price depends on a number of factors, discussed below.

How much does barber school cost?

Tuition can range from $2,000 to $16,000 depending on the school. Different states have different requirements and regulations that each barber school must fulfill.  The basic cost of living should be taken into account as well. Most barber schools do not offer housing. Rent, food, gas for commuting and other living expenses must be taken into consideration and factored into the total cost. While what’s included in barber school tuition varies from school to school, tuition typically covers classroom instruction, practical hours and supervised training. Courses are designed to train student in styling, coloring, shaving, skin care and nail care. Books and training supplies, such as scissors, clippers, razors, mannequins, are usually not included in tuition costs and must be purchased separately. The exam fee for obtaining a barber license also ranges from $100 to $150 in most states, and you typically pay that to your state licensing board when you test for your license after graduating from barber school.

Does the cost of barber school increase with more training?

The number of required training hours could range from 800 to 2,000 depending on your state licensing requirements, with 1,500 hours being a typical average in many states. Longer programs with more training hours are going to cost more than shorter programs, obviously. It is important to be familiar with current state requirements when choosing a barber school, so be sure to check your state’s licensing requirements and speak to the admission representatives at the schools!

What barber school financial aid is available?

Government funding, such as PLUS loans and Pell grants, are possible means to help finance the cost of barber school. The National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences, as well as individual barber schools, may offer scholarships. Many companies and community civic clubs award scholarships that can be used toward barber school as well. One thing to consider is the Beauty Schools Marketing Group $2,500 cosmetology scholarship, as well. In addition to grants and scholarships, you may also be interested in finding a student loan that suits your needs or starting a savings plan to pay cash for your barber school education.

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