Barber Jobs

Looking for a job to put your barbering skills to work? If you are a licensed barber ready to put your training and technique to good use for hair cutting, coloring and styling, men’s shaves and other male grooming services, start your barber career with one of the barbershop and salon jobs listed below. It all starts with putting yourself out there and applying for the open job opportunities available for you.

Hiring barbers to put behind the chair in your barbershop? List your barbershop jobs below to get the listing in front of the best and brightest barbers in the business. Don’t miss out on business because you don’t have the staffing to accommodate it! Get barber job applicants quickly using our barbering jobs board.

Not sure if you’re qualified for a job as a barber? Check out this Barber Job Description to learn the education requirements to get started in the field, what you would do in your day-to-day job, different options for places to work with this skill set, the salary you can expect, and more.