How to Market Your Barber Shop

In the past a quick look through the Yellow Pages would produce the closest barbershop for your convenience. Those days, however, are long gone. Today any business in the marketplace, including an established barber, is wide open to the greatest potential of expanding revenue with the use of the internet.

Because your business opponents will also be using the internet you have to be one or two steps ahead of them. A successful business owner not only has to advertise their own business in a wise way, but they need to know what their rivals are doing day to day to keep ahead of the curve. If they’re smart they’ll be doing it to you, so beware.

Whether you’re an established barber or just starting out it’s definitely a long way from the days of our fathers and grandfathers. They would simply go to their friendly neighborhood barbershop where Joe or Sam were awaiting their business. Today it’s a specialty to give men just the right cut. People have become aware of the fact that the so-called normal haircut just might not do for their lifestyle.

To this end, every barber must become a “stylist,” and make sure all cuts are individualized for the tastes of every man or woman they have as a client. The first item to take care of today is having a maneuverable website displaying what you offer that’s different from your competition.

Benefits including special types of incentives such as, “Going Back to School,” “College Student,” “Middle of the Week” “Senior Citizen,” and the important “First Time Customer” discounts should be given. Don’t exclude your regular customers, give them a “Preferred Customer” discount or maybe every 10th haircut for free. Any excuse you can make to get the consumer to come in. These specials can be offered on your website as a print out coupon as well as walk-in incentives. Coupons and discounts also give you a way of keeping track of what type of advertising works for you. Even if you have an established clientele, you’ll eventually need to seek out new customers so why wait? It’s better to be booked way ahead then to have open time from day to day.

If you want to go beyond the regular website capacity then search engine marketing or a “Paid Search,” gets your message out above and beyond that of your nearest competitor. This type of paid ad is another distinct way to count where your successful advertising is coming from due to the specific targeting.

Keep the email addresses of customers so that you can keep them in the loop of what is going on with your business. Send monthly news letters as to any specials or other news you would like to share. Include customer’s birthdays and anniversaries in the newsletter and provide special occasion discounts and free services. This gives your clientele a vested interest in you and your business. If you’re always sharing with them then they will feel a sense of loyalty to you.

While it’s not recommended for all customers, if you feel comfortable enough then ask for their cell phone numbers and if they would like appointment reminders. This will get them on a regular routine of visits.

All of this starts from good present customer relations and building new clientele. Remember to keep your website straightforward, avoiding any complicated instructions. You’re a barber not a web site designer so keep it simple. Everything should be laid out on the very first page otherwise you stand the chance of a potential customer losing interest.

Finally, make sure you provide a map or location site link to make it easy for inquiring consumers to easily find your location. If they aren’t located close by offer incentives for them to go that extra mile to find you by you going that extra mile to show you want their business.