What a Barber Does

Barber Shop Men's HaircutsThese questions and answers should help you understand the barber job description!

What does a barber do?

A barber is someone who cuts, trims, colors and styles a man’s hair. They may also offer recommendations on how to maintain healthy hair. Barbers not only work with hair, but they may also shave or groom men’s facial hair. This person is someone who offers advice on what may look good on their client, but ultimately, the decision is their clients on how they want to cut and style their hair or groom their face.

What education is needed to become a barber?

In order to become a barber in the United States, people must be at least 16 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, take part in a barbering program at an approved barber school and pass the examination offered by their state. Once these criteria have been filled, then a barber is considered licensed to work in their state in any salon or place of business that hires barbers. Many barber school programs can be completed in nine months to two years. Some people may be able to have a standard cosmetology license and do barbering professionally, but some states do not allow cosmetologists to use razors and perform shaves, only barbers. Make sure that if you want to become a barber you check your state laws.

What services does a barber offer?

The most common duties performed by a barber involve cutting, coloring, trimming and styling hair. However, there is more to this job than just cutting hair. Many men visit their barber to maintain their beard and mustache or to come in and shave it all off for a clean look. Barbers also sell lotions, shampoos, conditions and other hair products to customers. Behind the chair, they may massage the face, neck and scalp. Behind the desk, they may be asked by their employer to keep records, pay any bills and answer the telephone. Some men may be in need of hair pieces, wedding grooming services or other specialized barber services.

Where can a barber work?

A barber can work in any salon or establishment that hires licensed barbers. Many people with cosmetology degrees open up their own barber salons, allowing for more control and the ability to manage employees and staff and offer the services they want to. Some barbers elect to work on or near military bases to give soldiers haircuts, and others may elect to work in live-in care facilities to offer barbering services to the elderly. Some barbers work out of their homes and sell products to increase their income. Some barber shops have even gone mobile, and the mobile barbers actually travel to the customers and do on-site haircuts. There are many career opportunities for licensed barbers.

What is the average salary of a barber?

Salary is based on employer, location and experience. Many barbers make additional money on top of their salary from tips received from customers. Barber salary can range anywhere from $15,000 to $40,000 a year. The average salary is around $28,000 in the US. Barbers who own the place of business tend to make more, around $40,000 a year. But again, your salary and the tips on top of it will depend on a number of factors.

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