Kentucky Board of Barbering & Kentucky Barber License

Kentucky State FlagUpdated February 22, 2013

Currently all barber licensing in Kentucky falls under the Kentucky Board of Barbering in Louisville.

Kentucky Barber License Requirements

  • Barber – 1500 Hours OR 9-Month Apprenticeship

Kentucky Barber License Renewal

All Kentucky barber licenses expire on July 1 every year, including apprentices, barbers, barber instructors, independent contract owner licenses, barbershop licenses and barber school licenses. The cost to renew KY barber licenses is $50, and the cost to renew an KY barber school license is $150. You can begin renewing it as early as June 1. Applications for renewal submitted after July 31 are subject to an additional $25 late fee.

Kentucky Barber License Reciprocity or Transfer

Kentucky offers barber licensure by endorsement. Applicants for transfer must be 18 years old, have a current license or certificate from his or her own state, and have completed equivalent or greater training hour requirements than the state of Kentucky’s. For transfers from state with similar training requirements, you must be a registered barber working actively for 3 or more years. 

Kentucky Board of Barbering

9114 Leesgate Rd., Suite 6
Louisville, KY 40222
Phone: (502) 429-7148
Phone: (502) 429-7169
Fax: (502) 429-7149

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