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Currently all barber licensing in New York falls under the NY Dept. of State Division of Licensing Services in Albany.

New York Barber License Requirements

  • Barber License – 2-Year Apprenticeship

New York Barber License Renewal

Barber licenses in New York must be renewed every four years and the license renewal fee is $40. No barbering continuing education hours are currently required to renew.

New York Barber License Reciprocity or Transfer

Each request for transfer by reciprocity requires the certification from the cosmetology board in your home state, and a completed cosmetology or other license application with the $40 application fee. New York has barber license reciprocity with the states of Maine, Pennsylvania, New York have direct reciprocity. If your home state is Maine, New Mexico or Pennsylvania, the Dept. of St ate will waive your NY State practical exam requirement if you supply an original certificate with the raised seal from your home state, along with the Barber Operator Application. If your state is not listed or if you do not meet the minimum requirements, you may be required to a) take additional classes for more training hours, or b) take the New York practical and written board exams.

New York Dept. of State Division of Licensing Services – Barbering
Albany Division of Licensing Services
1 Commerce Plaza
99 Washington Avenue, 6th Floor
Albany, NY 12231
Phone: (418) 474-4429
E-mail: [email protected]

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