South Dakota Board of Barbering & South Dakota Barber License

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Currently all barber licensing in South Dakota falls under the SD Board of Barber Examiners in Spearfish.

South Dakota Barber License Requirements

1,500 hours at a barber school with instruction of at least nine months
Must practice as a registered apprentice for one year under a registered barber
Must pass a written and practical examination given by the South Dakota Board of Barber Examiners.
Age 18
Completion of 10th grade or equivalent

Examination Fee: $100
License Fee: $50

South Dakota Barber License Renewal

Barber licenses expire on June 30 every year. They must be renewed by that date.

Renewal Fee: $75
Lapsed Renewal Fee: $90 + $12 per year of lapse (up to 3 years maximum)

South Dakota Barber License Reciprocity or Transfer

Reciprocity varies by state. Training must be equivalent to that of SD.
An out-of-state barber must have 1,500 hours at barber school. If the out-of-state barber school required fewer than 1,500 hours, then 50 hours of credit are given for each month practiced as a licensed barber.

If the state had no apprenticeship requirements, then the applicant must have practiced as a licensed barber for one year.

Include a 3×5 current photograph
Reciprocity Fee: $140

A Journeyman Barber Permit may be issued to a barber from a state with no reciprocity agreement with South Dakota. The state requirements must be roughly equivalent, or the applicant must have practiced as a barber for at least five years. A Journeyman Barber can practice in SD, but will eventually have to pass the examination. Two failed attempts will result in a barber ban.

South Dakota Board of Barber Examiners
810 N. Main St. #298
Spearfish, SD 57783
Phone: (605) 642-1600
Fax: (605) 642-1756
Email: [email protected]

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