Barber Industry Record-Holders in the Guinness Book of World Records

Barber World Records

Since its original edition of records hit the shelves in 1955, the Guinness Book of World Records has been garnering attention and praise all over the globe. The only book of its kind, the Guinness Company is willing to travel the world to witness and verify records of all types of origin. Some of the most well-known records include height, weight and fingernail length, but some of the more interesting records in the realm of barber shops involve impressive feats and eye-popping dollar amounts. Here is a breakdown of some of Guinness’s barber-related records.

Oldest Barber Shop

It seems fitting that this list begins with the world’s oldest barber shop. Two British business partners with the surnames Truefitt and Hill opened up their ‘Gentlemen’s Perfumers and Hairdressers’ store in London in 1805. It is said that Winston Churchill was a regular in the early-20th century. The company has since moved locations, but the popularity and claim to fame remains.

Oldest Practicing Barber

The oldest practicing barber record is held by a man that has been cutting men’s hair along the Eastern Seaboard since before the days of the Great Depression. At 97 years old, Anthony Mancinelli has been a professional barber since 1924.

Most Heads Shaved in One Hour

Guinness only allows the most experienced and accomplished barbers to attempt this feat, as it requires a steady hand and a tireless drive. Irishman John McGuire currently holds the record after cleaning up the domes of 60 different men over the course of 60 minutes.

Most Expensive Hair Sold Online

An online auction held in 2002 by Elvis Presley’s former personal barber netted the man $115,120. The winning bidder bought a thick, black snippet of The King’s locks that was approximately 3 inches in diameter.

Fastest Haircut on Earth

This impressive feat was accomplished by American Ivan Zoot in August of 2008. While at a barber shop in Austin, Zoot was able to complete an entire haircut in a stunning 55 seconds. While we cannot be sure what type of fear and apprehension this created in the person who was next up to get a trim, it allowed Zoot entrance into the Guinness Book.

Most Haircuts Given in One Hour

It should come as little surprise that the same man that can give a quality haircut in less than one minute is also the record holder for most haircuts given in one hour. At the same Texas locale on the same August afternoon in 2008, Zoot was able to cut the hair of 34 men in one hour.