How much does barber school cost?

Barber School Cost of Tuition

One of the first questions that comes to mind for many people considering going to barber school is, “How much is barber school going to cost me?” The answer is that it depends. Our survey of cosmetology schools and barber schools shows that most barbering programs range between $5,000 and $15,000. That’s a huge variance, so it probably leaves you with a lot of questions. We can share national averages all day long, but the cost of barber school varies depending on all sorts of different criteria. So here are our tips on what questions to ask to get the true price of barber school tuition.

What’s included in the cost of tuition?

Some schools only quote the cost of tuition itself, and the student may be responsible for frocks, supplies, kits and textbooks. However others offer all-inclusive packages that lump tuition, books, supplies and so on all into one big fee, so the sticker shock might be a little higher at first – but it may also save you a lot of time, money and hassle by getting it all as part of the package deal.

Where is the barber school located?

Barber school cost can vary based on where the school is located. In coastal states and major metropolitan cities, the cost of barber school may be significantly higher than more rural areas. Another thing to consider is that each state has different barber license requirements. In states that require more training hours to get licensed, the cost of barber school is going to be higher than states that require fewer training hours.

How big is the school and is it a brand name or chain?

Because state licensing requirements normalize the curriculum that barber schools have to teach, you can get a great barber school education at both large, brand-name chains of barber schools and small, local, mom-and-pop barbering schools. There is something to be said for the reputation that comes with larger names, but if you are on a tighter budget, a smaller shop with a smaller price tag might be the right solution for you.

Do barber schools offer financial aid?

Many accredited barber schools are eligible to offer federal financial aid to those who qualify. Other options to help pay for barber school may include grants, scholarships, bank loans and financing or payment plans with the school. One scholarship to consider applying for is this $2,500 Barber School Scholarship, which is given away to one recipient every 3 months.

Even though barber school costs a fraction of what a traditional four-year university costs, and can get you licensed and working faster, the tuition may seem daunting. However, if becoming a professional barber is your true dream job, we hope that you will not let the cost of school be the obstacle that stands in the way of your goals. Do whatever it takes – planning ahead and saving, working while going to school, applying for scholarships non-stop – to make that dream a reality.