What is a Master Barber License? How is it different from a regular barber license?

Master Barber License

A master barber training curriculum of course includes all the usual barber school aspects of hair cutting, coloring and styling using tools like shears, razors and clippers. Master barbers also learn to do permanent waving, hair relaxing, hairpiece fitting, and a number of other hair and facial hair services. Every barber student can expect to learn health and safety, skin diseases and disorders related to barbering, barbering first aid, sciences and hair styling. Many schools also offer training in business practices, salon management, effective client communication and barber law and regulations.

But what makes a Master Barber License different from a Standard or Restricted Barber License?  In most cases, you’ll find that experience, expertise and quality of service set the regular barbers apart from the master barbers. They have mastered most men’s hairstyles and hair services, and have a more proficient level of skill in the barbering arts and sciences. Also, standard barber technicians may not be trained, licensed and permitted to perform certain services, whereas a Master Barber is.

The requirements for the Master Barber title vary by state, and not every state has this job title. In some states being a master barber means you’ve held your license for more than 15 to 20 years, and that you are a veteran barber who can charge more for your services. Other states just require you to have your license for 15 to 24 months, and take a master barber exam to get the title. In yet other states, being a master barber simply means you’ve taken more training hours or advanced training courses to meet a set minimum. Then some states require a lengthy apprenticeship under another master barber.

I know, it’s confusing! Because it completely depends on what state you live in, the best thing to do to find out about your state’s master barbering requirements is to contact your state’s board of barbering directly. To maintain the Master Barber certification or status, you may be expected to attend seminars, trainings or barber continuing education classes to stay current and keep learning in the field.