Naomie Harris Goes to Barber School to Learn to Shave Daniel Craig in New Skyfall Bond Movie

Photo credit: Access Hollywood.

The stunning and talented Naomie Harris, actress in the new Skyfall James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig, told Access Hollywood that she attended barber school for three weeks to learn to shave her co-star! Just like other barbers in training, Harris first learned how to use a razor on balloons, and then graduated to shaving real people. Largely due to her training I’m sure, she didn’t cut anyone on set and managed to pull it off beautifully in the movie.

“I actually had to have lessons to be able to shave him,” Harris told Access Hollywood. “I had to go to barber school for three weeks. Seriously! I’m serious. Everything in Bond is done with so much detail and so much precision. It’s the most training I’ve ever had for anything. For two months before we even started shooting I was training. When they found out about this training scene they’re like, ‘Well you’ve got go to barber school.’  So I had a barber who taught me how to shave on balloons, then I graduated to members of the crew, then they finally let me loose on Bond. It’s really difficult actually. But I never burst any balloons, I never cut anyone on set, so I’m actually very good. It could be another profession.”

Our favorite part of the interview is where the anchor asks if it’s a “sexy thing to give a straight edge razor shave.” Answer? Yes. “It can be, because it’s sexy, sensual and also dangerous,” Harris said. You heard it on Access Hollywood straight from the mouth of stunning movie star Naomie Harris, so it must be true. 

Skyfall – also starring Javier Bardem, Ralph Feinnes and Dame Judi Dench – is in theaters now. So go pick up a ticket and see the steamy shave scene for yourself.

Watch the full video of the interview here.