Vintage Rockabilly Barbershops Increasing in Popularity

Vintage and Rockabilly Barber Shop

Rockabilly barbershops have taken the world by storm. The feeling of sitting in a rockabilly barbershop just brings clients back to a time when life was simpler and barbers were confidantes of their clients. As this type of barbershop comes back into popularity, barbers are once again bringing to light an experience reminiscent of the 1950s and one of the earliest types of rock ‘n’ roll with just a touch of country twang. From the classic greaser t-shirt, jeans and leather jacket ensemble to the heavily slicked pompadour haircuts, a rockabilly barbershop experience is a must-have. And just like any other great barbershop, the barbers at these rockabilly barbershpos get to listen to the daily stories of their clients, young and old, and enjoy getting to know their clients on a personal basis.

The typical cost of a haircut at a vintage barbershop is still affordable. Back in the 1920s, one could get a haircut at a vintage barbershop for about 10 cents. Prices are not quite as low these days, but they have stayed affordable for clients throughout the years. Clients can receive a high-quality haircut at a barbershop like The Vintage Barbershop in West Virginia for only $10. At The Vintage Barbershop, clients can enjoy sitting in an atmosphere that is typical of vintage shops, with red leather chairs with ashtrays that are built right into the actual chairs. The authentic straight razors also allow clients to enjoy a clean shave. Some clients actually prefer the feeling of receiving a shave with an authentic straight razor as opposed to an electronic razor, not just as a higher quality experience, but also a throwback to the early barbershop days. Some rockabilly barbershops even specialize in vintage style haircuts like the heavily slicked pompadour haircut, for example.

Many vintage barbershops are currently being handed down from a grandparent to a granddaughter or grandson. This adds a unique level of authenticity to the shop. That’s not to say that people can’t simply open up their own barbershop with a vintage or rockabilly style. Some barbers are actually taking initiative and starting their own barbershop with vintage or classic furniture purchased from websites like eBay. Many people choose to create their own rockabilly-themed barbershops with genuine vintage furniture and decor. There are some barbershops that also feature classic cars. At the American Vintage Barbershop in Long Beach, California, visitors can enjoy looking at the pool tables and classic car memorabilia distributed throughout the place. There are all sorts of decorative items that one can enjoy viewing in the barbershop.

There is also a growing trend for barbershops to offer people access to other services. A vintage shop may be located right next to a beauty parlor for women’s ‘dos, and some vintage shops are even beginning to pair up with tattoo shops to offer dual services to clients. What a unique combination!

The older crowd often appreciates the nostalgia of receiving a haircut in a rockabilly barbershop outfitted with James Dean or Marilyn Monroe photographs, while younger folks enjoy getting to learn more about a classic piece of American history when they are sitting alongside a gorgeous corvette. Rockabilly barbers can truly revolutionize the way that they do hair and offer their clients a fun experience if they decide to create a vintage shop.