Question of the Month: What’s the #1 piece of advice you’ve received to be a successful barber?

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“Learn your clients more than just names – if they’re married? Kids? Pets? Jobs? Relate to them personally.” @dbarber000 – Indianapolis, IN

“Show up early. Stay late. Take walk-ins between appointments. Never say ‘no’ to anyone. Work harder than the other guy. Raise your prices EVERY year. Stop talking. Listen.” Ivan Zoot @clipperguy – Chicago, IL

“The number one piece of advice I can give anyone in the profession of barbering, or any type of service business, is be professional. Your clients are paying for a service. They don’t want to see a dirty work place, barbers on the phone or using foul language. They are paying for your time. Don’t waste theirs.” – Nelson Rivera, Master Barber

“Many streams make a river. Learn what each barber does well and apply it, becoming more complete. Every barber does something well.” @barberguy72 – Henderson, KY

“Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing stay focused and remember you came to barber school for you and know one else can do it but you!” Paula Mathews – Owasso, OK

“The greatest advice given to me when I started barbering was to never stop learning.” – Slim the Barber @slimsbarbershop – Crystal Like, IL