Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Barbers in 2012

The holiday season is upon us and Christmas is fast approaching. If you have a barber in your life and you’re not sure what to get them, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 recommendations for gifts to give the barbers and hairstylists in your life!  So stress no more and fear not, here are our top 5 items that could make great gifts for barbers.

“Life on the Edge” Straight Razor Barbering T-Shirt: The “Life on the Edge” design was created specifically for all the barbers out there. It’s an edgy, vintage tattoo look that speaks to the more masculine side of the cosmetology business. If you are a barber who knows the value of a great shave and you’re handy with a straight razor, this t-shirt’s for you! You can customize the t-shirt color to suit your tastes. This t-shirt is an awesome way for any barber to show off their pride in their profession.

"Life on the Edge" Straight Razor Barber T-Shirt

Vintage Barbershop Signs: Barbering is a trade that has a long history dating back to ancient Egypt and Asia, but one of the most nostalgic times in barbering is from the mid-1900s. It was a time of class, poise and high standards and really marked the rise of the traditional barbershop. Whether it was a one-chair shop or a full wall full of barber seats, the barber shop has made its place in history and these vintage barbershop signs are an awesome throwback to the era that really sparked it all.

Personalized iPhone Case with Barber Design: With the rise of the smartphone and stylists snapping pictures of haircuts with their cell phones to upload to the web right away, this iPhone case is the perfect gift for any barber or cosmetologist on your list. Not only is it a fun way to show off what you do, but it can also be a valuable networking tool for them to get new customers. Any time they’re out on the town and chatting on their cell phone, someone could see the shears and comb right alongside their name and be inclined to ask up a conversation about their profession!


Subscription to Against the Grain Magazine: Against the Grain is one of the hottest, edgiest publications on the market for barbers and stylists. It has everything from barbershop business tips and profiles of up-and-coming and famous barbers, to the latest styles and products every barber should know about to barber news and headlines, Against the Grain has it all within its pages. Give the gift of knowledge to the barber in your life with a subscription to this must-read magazine.

Subscribe to Against the Grain Magazine

Books About Barbering: Any great barber who wants to grow and advance in his or her career and who is passionate about becoming the best in the business should be well read. We selected a few titles we feel would make great gifts for the barber you care about. Everything from storytelling, to history, to advice on how to grow the business can be found in books about barbering.

Well, I hope that helps make your Christmas shopping just a touch easier. I’m quite sure you can find something in this “Top 5 Gifts for Barbers” list, even for the barber or stylist you think already has it all. Are you getting something awesome for the barber in your life that didn’t make this list? Share it in the comments below!