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Michigan Threatening to Deregulate Barber Licensing

April 17, 2012

Michigan is back in the headlines in the barbering community, but not for banning barber poles at salons in Michigan this time. No, this time around Michigan is jumping on the bandwagon of states proposing legislation that would deregulate licensing for barbers and cosmetologists. Recently Governor Rick Snyder made the push for deregulation of the Michigan barber […]

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Gov. Sam Brownback Vetoes Kansas Barber Law Change

April 10, 2012

New legislation regarding barbers has been a quite a debatable topic over the past few months. First, it started with barbers wanting to create laws that would regulate who could use the iconic symbol of barbers—the spiraling, tri-colored barber pole. Now, lawmakers in Kansas have had the burden to decide whether barbers should have to […]

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Can you get a barber license with a felony conviction?

March 12, 2012

Perhaps you are interested in attending barber school, but you have concerns that your past record may limit you in obtaining a license, even if you’ve moved on with your life. This question comes up more often than you might think. First off, you should know that depending on the state in which you want […]

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